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2019 is HUGE!

Our 2019 year looks like a big year for us. I continue to support Veterans through the American Legion as I support a Chili Cookoff and BBQ Competition with over 5000 attending that will raise funds for the community. There are several Veteran fundraisers that we will support such as AUSA fundraisers and the Thurston County Veteran Services. We will assist a Veteran led event, the Lacey PolyFest. I am the newly elected VP (formerly CFO) of the Tacoma Events Commission and we will produce Washington State's largest one-day event, the Tacoma Freedom Fair. We anticipate over 70,000 in attendance. We will support the Buffalo Soldier's Musuem and two great events that they have. We joined the Combat Infantryman Association who meets locally and will provide our support as needed. We will continue to support Veteran businesses across Washington but also across the United States. Finally I will continue to support the Veteran community while serving as the Director of the NW Region for the US Army Ranger Association. Time is precious and I feel as a Veteran it is important to give to the community and lead as best as I can. There is much more being planned and we will update you mid-year for the last half of 2019. If you would like to get involved with the Veteran community and be a positive force, I can help you get connected to some organizations that will assist you.



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