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We believe in transparency when it comes to helping others. It allows others the full knowledge of what we are doing.

In December on a late night, I was contacted by a Father who asked me for help. He stated that his son had passed away and that he did not know how he would pay for the medical fees. I therefore told him that I would help. I built a GoFundMe site. I specifically made him the ONLY person who could withdraw the funds. I had absolutely no access to them.

Total Funds raised and fees from GoFundMe.

The Total amount raised after fees and Ray Shockey was the beneficiary and withdrew it all. His email address is covered for his own privacy. The account is closed.

You can see the original GoFundMe page HERE.

I did not receive any compensation, nor did I ask for it. I was asked if I wanted a fee for my efforts to which I specifically declined. I NEVER take payments for these efforts.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 360-545-3874.

If you would like to contact GoFundMe, you can start here. They respond very quickly.

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